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WikiWelcome to the Cabal Online Wiki!
Your source of information for the online game Cabal Online.

Administrator is back.

Crilleab is back to administrate Cabal Online Wikia.

Im sorry for the lack of intrest in this but will do my best in future.

As for what "Wiccaan" said, we're looking for a decent amount of active administrators and editors, do your best and if we'll find you suiting for this we will add you.

If theres anything you can talk with me on the talkpage or mail me at:

Looking For Administrators

Hello everyone,

This wiki is in need of some major updates and we are currently looking for some new administrators! I, Wiccaan, have been on an extended hiatus since I quit the game a few years back but I have returned and am playing again. I want to help this wiki grow but I can't do it alone!

If you would like to become an administrator of this wiki to help with major changes and such, please feel free to begin editing pages as you see fit. I will be looking for serious editors to become administrators. You may leave a comment on my talk page as well if you wish to apply for an administrator role. Wiccaan

July 13, 2010 - Cabal Update Released!

Today was the release of the new update for CABAL, titled 'Secrets of Radiant Hall'! You can check out all the update details here: [Click here!]

Wiki Information

;Our wiki has the following stats!
  • Number of pages: 743
  • Number of articles: 145
  • Number of admins: 2

You can help our stats grow by becoming a member and helping out!

Helping Out

We're always looking for help from anyone whom wishes to contribute to our wiki! It's simple! Just create an account and start editing pages!

; Not sure where to start?
  • Find out more about the wiki on the About page.
  • If you are new to wiki's, check out the Tutorial page.

; Adding Content

Important Wiki Updates

; Here is a small list of recent and important changes!
  • 06/17/2010 - Theme updated to a darker tone to match CABALs sites.
  • 06/17/2010 - Main page heavily updated to a cleaner look.

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